Friday, September 4, 2009

Mr. Know-it-all

We all know people that think they know it all, right? Usually the wisest of a group knows that to be truly successful in any endeavor you must surround yourself with those people that are known to be the most knowledgeable. Any effort to be a true “Mr. Know-it-all” ends in failure while becoming part of a network of intelligent people leads to success. Ed Slott, a leading IRA expert seems to agree. That’s why Ed started a group called the “Ed Slott Elite IRA Advisors”. The purpose of the group is to bring advisors together from across the country on a regular basis to discuss the ever-changing world of IRAs and Qualified Retirement Plans. Today there are trillions of dollars in tax-deferred accounts and the balances are a growing portion of individuals' net worth, making specialized training in this area crucial. Ed also has a team of technical experts available to the members of the group at all times to assist in complex client situations and in developing specific steps in implementing high-end strategies. This network of other experts is precisely why Perry Moore of Payne Wealth Partners became a member of the group two years ago. Since joining, Perry has moved into the “Master Elite” group that comes with more rigorous training and ongoing education. The knowledge gained from the group squares well with Payne Wealth Partners culture- one of information sharing, teamwork and innovation. Are you relying on a self-proclaimed "Mr. Know-it-all" or a team with the necessary professionals and resources to deliver success? To find out more about the Master Elite Advisor Group, Ed Slott and why this network and training is so important for your planner to have, visit